Marine Toys for Tots is a Year-Round Force for Good


(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, which is traditionally known as a Christmastime charity, has evolved into a year-round force for good. The year-round assistance and emotional relief that the organization provides extends beyond the holiday season, because needs aren’t seasonal, and neither is Toys for Tots.

The Program’s year-round distributions reassure families, who face adversity and exceptional circumstances throughout the year, that Marine Toys for Tots is committed to delivering messages of hope, restoring and building self-esteem, and inspiring youngsters to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. The Program takes great pride in spreading hope around our Nation and being a force for good in order to promote a brighter tomorrow, especially during uncertain times.

In East Palestine, Ohio, children and families have recently faced devastating hardships due to the train derailment that left the river and air contaminated with toxic chemicals. East Palestine Social Concern, a local organization that assists families with rent and utilities, provided support to the impacted families, while Toys for Tots delivered emotional relief through the gift of toys and books to over 400 children in the local area. 

“This is so exciting because the kids really have been overlooked through this whole process. They haven’t had a voice, their fears and anxiety a lot of times are portrayed through what their parents are feeling, and they’re not really getting heard,” said a local volunteer. “And so, it was awesome that [Toys for Tots was] willing to give these [toys] away now and not make ‘em wait for Christmas. This is just fantastic. I love seeing the kids excited and the families.”

During their seventy-fifth anniversary last year, Marine Toys for Tots distributed more 24 million toys to nearly ten million less fortunate children, provided more than 6.3 million books to children in need through their Literacy Program and supported over 220,000 Native American children living on remote Reservations through their Native American Program. The Program also established their newest initiative to support children living in foster care and provided toys, books, games, and school supplies to over 447,000 children living in the Foster Care system.

Looking ahead to 2023, Marine Toys for Tots will continue to be the force for good that will provide significant comfort and relief to families who face hardships throughout the year. This spring and summer, Toys for Tots has committed to providing 100 truckloads of toys to communities throughout the U.S. and one million books to Title I funded schools. These existing programs and initiatives will bring emotional relief and reassurance in times of tremendous loss to children across the Nation – Toys for Tots is committed to making their days ahead a little brighter.

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